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The Linux distros version 4.4 and higher are compiled on different systems and have different shared library dependencies. I've listed the important dependencies as well as the full version of the library the install was compiled with. The compiled with version is informational only and your system does not have to have the compiled with version of the library. You need to make sure the dependant lib exists in either /lib or /usr/lib. Normally if your system has an existing symbolic link to the required shared library you are fine. The one exception I've to this so far is lib_pam. Even though libpam.so.0.81.2 and libpam.so.0.77 look like lippam.so.0 at runtime they are incompatible. Because of that, the fc5 distro will not run on the centos distro and vice versa.

Previous Release

Version 6.4