4C Function Key Usage on Microsoft Windows

FKey NameDefault Keyboard KeyDefault Processing
enterEnter/Return/CariageReturnEnd input on current field and goto next input field. On scrolling list screens may also be used instead of to display some detail screen.
acceptF4Accept current input and end the current field processing loop. If entered on the first input field of a 4C screen this will exit that program with a code of 0
cancelF8/EscEnd of input - do not accept changes. When entered on the first input field of a screen or when a scrolling screen is in "Lookup" mode this will cause the program to exit with a -1 code.
addF5Toggle sys.mode between "Add" and "Lookup"
insertInsertAlmost same as "add". For scrolling screens this will cause a line to be inserted above the current line instead of below.
modifyF6Toggle sys.mode between "Modify" and "Lookup"
deleteF7Toggle sys.mode between "Delete" and "Lookup"
tabTabSkip over input fields until next tabstop
backtabShift+TabBacktab to a previous input field
helpF1Display simple help message or go to detailed help
searchF3When an input field has a search associated with it, this will popupup the search screen.
browseforwardCtrl+DownArrowSome input fields will allow browsing between possible values for that field.
browsebackwardCtrl+UpArrowBrowse backward
printCtrl+PAllows user to print the current screen. This normally will print the bitmap image of the screen but in some cases may print a report or form instead.
user1F9Typically used to display another screen that shows more detail or allows more processsing associated with the current screen
selectallCtrl+ASelect all scrolling records
findCtrl+FPop up a find window for scrolling programs
findnextCtrl+NFind next instance of last searched for string in a scrolling screen
findprevNoneFind prev instance of last searched for string in a scrolling screen
cutCtrl+XDelete rcds from a scrolling prog and save to clipboard
copyCtrl+CCopy bitmap and selected scrolling records to clipboard
pasteCtrl+VWhen enabled by the application, this will allow pasting of the clipboard into the current scrolling screen. This is not used often in end user applications but is quite useful during development.
usercalcCtrl+=When the current input field is a numeric or date field, this will popup a screen to allow simple calculations on the field. If user accepts the calculation the data is shared back into the numeric or date field.
infoCtrl+GDisplay info window for current program
inputinfoCtrl+Shift+GFlash the current input field. This can be helpful on very crowded screens
windowleftCtrl+Shift+LeftArrowMove the current window slightly to the left
windowrightCtrl+Shift+RightArrowMove the current window slightly to the right
windowupCtrl+Shift+UpArrowMove the current window slightly upward
windowdownCtrl+Shift+DownArrowMove the current window slightly downward