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System PCLs

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sys.abort_task - aborts a CISAM transaction.

sys.acc_mode - returns the the last access mode for a file.

atodate - converts an alpha date to the internal integer format.

atof - converts an alpha field to a float field,

atoi - converts an alpha field to an integer field,

atotime - converts a string to a 4C time.

sys.auth_userpwd - uses the OS to authenticate

beep - beeps the terminal.

sys.begin - starts a new transaction.

sys.browse_file - allows you to browse through rcds sequentially.

sys.build_file - compiles a files.

sys.build_prlist -

sys.build_prog - compiles a program.

sys.build_stlist -

sys.calc - parses a formula at runtime.

sys.cbc_close - ends the clipboard copy operation for the current

sys.cbc_end - finalizes the clipboard copy.

sys.cbc_init - clears the 4C clipboard

sys.cbc_open - begins a specific type of

sys.cbc_senddata - adds 1 data item to the 4C clipboard.

sys.cbc_sendtext - adds 1 text item to the 4C clipboard.

sys.cbp_exit - exits the paste loop.

sys.cbp_getappname - returns the 4C application name

sys.cbp_getcount - returns the number of clipboard

sys.cbp_getdata - returns the data of a single

sys.cbp_getipaddr - returns the ipaddr of the

sys.cbp_getnflds - returns the number of flds in the current clipboard

sys.cbp_getport - returns the port number of the

sys.cbp_gettext - returns the text of a single

sys.cbp_gettype - returns the type of clipboard paste available.

sys.cb_select - explicitly cb selects the current

sys.char_val - converts an integer to an

sys.choose_color - selects a color using the clients color dialog.

sys.cl_browse - starts a file/dir browse dialog on the client.

sys.cl_open - opens or processes a file on the client machine using

sys.close_file - closes a file.

sys.close_ldata - closes an open LData connection.

sys.close_log - closes the CISAM log file.

sys.clr_break - clears a 4c session breakpoint.

sys.cl_restart - restarts the client.

sys.cmp_data - compares all data fields in the field buffers of two

sys.cmp_file - compares all fields in the field buffers of two

sys.commit - commits a 4C transaction.

sys.conn_close - closes a remote file server connection

sys.conv_file - converts data from the fields of one

sys.copy_array - copies one or more elements of an array to another array

sys.copy_data - copys all non-primary key fields from the data

sys.copy_fields - copies specified fields from the data

sys.copy_file - copys all fields from the data

sys.copy_pkey - copies the primary key fields of 1 file to the primary key fields of another file.

sys.cp_toutf8 - converts 1 to 30 32 bit integer Unicode Codepoints to one UTF8 string.

sys.create_file - creates a file on disk.

sys.create_tfile - creates a temporary file on disk.

sys.decode_file - decodes the <fromfile> using the specified <encodingmethod> to <tofile>

sys.decode_text - decodes the <fromtext> alpha field using the specified

sys.del_range - deletes a set of sequential rcds in a file.

sys.dev_nlines - returns the number of lines

sys.dflist_add - adds a new choice to a list type 4C display field

sys.dflist_clear - clears all choices in a 4c list dfld

sys.dr_delete - deletes one rcd from the tmp driver file

sys.dr_epselect1 - does end page processing for select

sys.dr_epskip - skips lines at scrolling prog EndPage.

sys.dr_include - allows you to include fields other than

sys.dr_init - initializes the sequential reading of a file.

sys.dr_isbof - indicates wether the current driver is at the beginning of

sys.dr_iseof - indicates wether the current driver is at the end of

sys.dr_position - allows you to set the first highlighted rcd of a

sys.dr_range - allows you to set the start and end range of

sys.dr_readsel - reads the record in the driver file

sys.dr_renumber - allows the user to renumber sequenced lines in

sys.dr_restart - restarts a driver

sys.dr_selcount - returns the number of selected items

sys.dr_setcb - activates a CB for either DRSELECT processing

sys.dr_setsel - allows you to set the selection on or off

sys.dr_state - returns the internal state of the current driver.

sys.dr_update - updates the fields in a driver temp file.

sys.encode_file - encodes the <fromfile> using the specified <encodingmethod> to <tofile>

sys.encode_text - encodes the <fromtext> alpha field using the specified

sys.end_cb - exits out of the current CB processing.

sys.end_field - ends the processing of the current display field

sys.end_fldloop - ends the current iteration of fields.

sys.end_page - sets the next driver state of the program driver to

sys.end_prog - ends the current 4C program

sys.end_task - ends a CISAM transaction.

sys.err_msg - - Displays an error message

sys.exec_prog - starts a new program in place of the current program

sys.exit_4c - gracefully exits 4C.

sys.exit_cb - exits out of the current CB processing.

sys.exit_client - gracefully exits the 4C client.

sys.exit_field - exits the processing of the current display field

sys.exit_fldloop - exits the current iteration of fields.

sys.exit_layout - exits all programs in the current layout.

sys.exit_page - sets the next driver state of the program driver to

sys.exit_prog - exits the current program.

sys.expand - expands the env vars in

sys.ext_filename - returns the external name of a 4c file

sys.field_wasinp - indicates whether the current field

sys.file_op - allows you to manipulate files on both the client and the

sys.flash_window - flashes the current 4C window on the client.

sys.fl_getoption - returns the value of the requested file option.

sys.fl_getval - returns an alpha representation of a single

sys.fl_restore - - restore one or more fields for 1 asfile from a previously saved value.

sys.fl_save - saves the current values of one or more fields from 1 file.

sys.fl_setoption - allows the application to set one or more file options at runtime

sys.fl_setval - - Converts an alpha to the appropriate

sys.flush -

sys.fmt_alpha - formats an alpha variable

sys.fmt_choice - formats an choice variable

sys.fmt_date - formats a date variable

sys.fmt_field - returns a formatted field.

sys.fmt_float - formats a float variable

sys.fmt_integer - formats a integer variable

sys.fmt_time - formats a time variable

ftoa - converts a float field to an alpha field,

sys.get_adfval - returns the alpha value of a display field.

sys.get_afield - returns an alpha value from an alpha field by name.

sys.get_answer - prompts the user for input.

sys.get_asfile - returns the 4C asfile name for <asfile>

sys.get_category - returns the category of the current program.

sys.get_cbvar - returns the name of the variable that

sys.get_cdef - returns an the internal identifier of a field

sys.get_clenv - returns the value of an environment variable

sys.get_clinfo - retrieves client info.

sys.get_clpref - returns a client preference to the application.

sys.get_clrect - returns the dimensions a single client control in system variables

sys.get_count - returns the current count of CB Selected rcds

sys.get_currentts - - returns the time since the

sys.get_datetype - returns the current input date format.

sys.get_debug - returns either "ON" or "OFF" indicating

sys.get_dfcol - returns the col number that a particular

sys.get_dffileno - returns the internal asfile identifier

sys.get_dfile - allocates memory for and returns the filenum

sys.get_dfrow - returns the row number that a particular

sys.get_dotaddr - returns the dot address of a client

sys.get_dtinfo - returns date, time, and timestamp info for the passed in date and times.

sys.get_env - returns the value of an environment variable.

sys.get_extfnopt - allows the application to get information

sys.get_exttype - returns the external type of a 4C file defined

sys.get_fdfval - returns the float value of a display field.

sys.get_ffield - returns a float value from a float field by name.

sys.get_field - returns current display field's name.

sys.get_filename - returns the 4C filename for <asfile>

sys.get_filenum - returns the internal file identifier

sys.get_fkhelp - returns the value of the 4C environment

sys.get_fklabel - returns the label associated with

sys.get_fltype - returns the current fld loop type

sys.get_fmtfield - formats a field and stores the formatted

sys.get_gcount -

sys.get_gmax -

sys.get_gmin -

sys.get_grpname - returns the name of the group identified

sys.get_gtot -

sys.get_help - returns the value of the 4C environment

sys.get_idfval - returns the integer value of a display field.

sys.get_idx - returns the index into the user table of the

sys.get_ifield - returns an integer value from an integer field by name.

sys.get_keyno - returns the keyno associated with a field.

sys.get_keystate - lets the application determine

sys.get_ldata - requests data from an open LData connection.

sys.get_linediff - returns the number of lines printed by nested

sys.get_linenum - returns the current line number.

sys.get_max - returns the current max val of a CB TOT Var

sys.get_maxusers - returns the max number of users that 4C

sys.get_min - returns the current min val of a CB TOT Var

sys.get_msgline1 - returns the value of the 4C environment

sys.get_msgline2 - returns the value of the 4C environment

sys.get_nusers - returns the number of 4C proceses currently running.

sys.get_pagediff - returns the difference in the page numbers of

sys.get_pagenum - returns the current page number.

sys.get_parent - returns the asprog name of the parent of

sys.get_pid - returns the Process Id of the

sys.get_progname - returns the real program name for the asprog

sys.get_program - returns the real program name of the current program.

sys.get_return - returns the value of the 4C environment

pclname - returns the resource usage of the current 4csrvr

sys.get_saveval - returns a single saved variable

sys.get_sflmfmax - returns the max sfl mem fault value.

sys.get_sflsfmax - returns the max sfl slot fault value.

sys.get_spcalt - returns the alternate value of a

sys.get_spclabel - returns the current value of a

sys.get_spcstr - returns the current value of a

sys.get_spmfmax - returns the max sp mem fault value.

sys.get_spsfmax - returns the max sp slot fault value.

sys.get_svinfo - retrieves server info.

sys.get_timeoutp - returns the timeout prog and its arguments

sys.get_timeoutv - returns the timeout value

sys.get_tot - returns the current running total of a CB TOT Var

sys.get_tsinfo - returns date, time, and timestamp info for <utcts>

sys.get_ttyname - returns the terminal name

sys.get_tty - returns the terminal name of <username>.

sys.get_username - returns the user name of the user

sys.hide_panel - is obsolete.

index - returns an integer indicating the relative

sys.init_rusage - saves the current resource usage so that a later

sys.input_ok - lets the application know if the current

sys.int_val - converts an alpha character to an

sys.is_clsrvr - returns 1 if 4c is client/server 4c.

isdigit - indicates if <str> is all digits or not.

islower - indicates if <str> is all lowercase letters or not.

sys.is_prog - indicates if the <asprog> arg is

sys.is_tof - is used to determine if the current output device is at the

isupper - indicates if <str> is all uppercase letters or not.

itoa - converts an integer field to an alpha field,

sys.kill_prog - kills the program specified by the <asprog>

sys.l_fill - will left pad <originalstring> with <fillchar> up to length <maxlen>

sys.link_group - starts a new 4C group or links to

sys.link_prog - starts or links to a currently running program.

sys.lock_clientws - locks the client workstation.

sys.log_close - closes an open log.

sys.log_copyflds - copies log rcd data to 4c file variables.

sys.log_error - writes a rcd to the log_err file.

sys.log_getattr - returns an attribute associated with

sys.log_getname - returns a fieldname of a field in the log file.

sys.log_getval - returns a formatted field from a log rcd.

sys.log_open - opens a 4c log for reading.

sys.log_read - reads a single log rcd.

sys.log_seek - sets the next log rcd ptr

lsh - runs a command on the local client machine.

sys.l_strip - strips all leading <stripchar> characters from the beginning of

mathfunc - Miscellaneous Math Functions

max - returns the maximum float/integer of its arguments.

sys.md_calc - calculates and returns a message digest

sys.message - displays either an error or an info message.

min - returns the minimum float/integer of its arguments.

sys.mk_temp - returns a fullpath name that can be used to create a temporary file.

sys.err_msg - - Displays an status message

sys.null_data - sets all non primary key file variables for a file

sys.null_field - sets the referenced file variable

sys.null_file - sets all file variables for file

sys.open_file - allows you to open a file before it is needed

sys.open_ldata - opens a connection to linked data.

sys.open_log - opens a CISAM log file.

sys.page_isfull - returns a 1 or a 0 to the user program indicating - causes the current device to go to top of form.

sys.pkey_close - closes the private/public key associated with <pkeyname>

sys.pkey_decrypt - decrypts a publickey encrypted/base64 encoded piece of text

sys.pkey_encrypt - encrypts and encodes a small chunk of text using either a public or private key

sys.pkey_open - Opens one of the private/public keys asociated with

sys.pkey_sign - uses an open private key to digitally sign a string of text.

sys.pkey_verify - verifies a the signature for a string of text

sys.prog_isopen - returns 1 if the current program is open.

sys.pr_restart - restarts the current program at the Start/Restart state

sys.push_kprog - is Obsolete.

sys.push_prog - pushes a 4C program.

sys.put_afield - stores an alpha value in an alpha field by name.

sys.put_env - sets an environment variable.

sys.put_ffield - stores a float value in a float field by name.

sys.put_fmtfield - converts an alpha to the appropriate

sys.put_ifield - stores an integer value in an integer field by name.

sys.rand_integer - returns a random integer >= lowval and <= highval

sys.rand_string - returns a random string of length <len> from the characters

sys.rcd_changed - indicates whether any of the fields in

sys.read_file - accesses a record in a file.

sys.rel_dfile - releases memory used by a dynamic file.

sys.rep_string - allows you to replace or delete characters from an alpha var

sys.reset_prog - sets a program for recompile.

sys.restore_share - resets all or a subset of shared in fields to

sys.rexp_match - matches a regular expression

sys.r_fill - will right pad <originalstring> with <fillchar> up to length <maxlen>

sys.rollback - rolls back a 4C transaction.

round - takes a float arg, and an integer arg,

sys.rset_dfield - resets the data field associated with

sys.r_strip - strips all trailing <stripchar> characters from the end of

sys.run_fldloop - allows programmatic switching between option panel

sys.seek_key - prepares for sequential reading

sys.send_msg - sends a message to another 4C user.

sys.send_result - sends results from a 4c web application to the web client.

sys.set_add - sets or toggles "Add" mode.

sys.set_alarm - sets a timeout value on user input.

sys.set_break - sets a 4c session breakpoint.

sys.set_busy - allows you to modify either the title or

sys.set_clenv - allows the server to set an environment

sys.set_clpref - allows the application to modify a client preference.

sys.set_cmenu - lets the application change the current context

sys.set_cmitem - allows you to change the attributes

sys.set_datetype - allows you to set the default way that 4C

sys.set_debug - turns the 4C Debugger on or off.

sys.set_del - sets or toggles "Delete" mode.

sys.set_dfattr - allows runtime modification of report display field

sys.set_dfcolor - allows a program to dynamically change the

sys.set_dfformat - changes the format of a display field at run

sys.set_dfield - allows you to associate a data field

sys.set_dfimage - changes the image associated with a display field.

sys.set_dflabel - changes the label associated with a display field.

sys.set_dfoption - allows runtime modification of display field

sys.set_dricolor - allows a program to dynamically change the

sys.set_droption - allows for some runtime configuring

sys.set_ekey - sets the end position for sequential reads.

sys.set_env - and works

sys.set_eod - sets the end of data flag for the current 4C program.

sys.set_extfname - allows you to set the external file name of

sys.set_extfnopt - allows the application to set certain options

sys.set_exttype - Changes the external type of the <asfile>

sys.set_fkhelp - allows you to modify the 4C environment

sys.set_help - allows you to modify the 4C environment

sys.set_ldata - sends data to an open LData connection.

sys.set_mod - sets or toggles "Modify" mode.

sys.set_msgline1 - allows you to modify the 4C environment

sys.set_msgline2 - allows you to modify the 4C environment

sys.set_pagenum - allows you to modify the internal 4C

sys.set_pnlcolor - changes the background color of a panel.

sys.set_pnlimage - changes the background image of a panel.

sys.set_pnltitle - modifies the title of a panel in

sys.set_prcolor - allows a program to dynamically change the

sys.set_return - allows you to change the 4C environment

sys.set_skey - sets the start position for sequential reads.

sys.set_sortdf - sets a bitmap on the column label of

sys.set_spcalt - allows a program to change the

sys.set_spclabel - allows a program to change the

sys.set_spcstr - allows a program to change the

sys.set_timeout - sets either a program or session timeout.

sys.set_winlabel - lets the application change the

sys.share_field - allow you to set up sharing of fields at run time.

sys.show_dfield - is used to show, hide, enable, or disable a display field.

sys.show_fkey - is used to show, hide, enable, or disable items associated with a function key.

sys.show_panel - is used to show, hide, enable, or disable a panel.

sh - starts a copy of the shell to run a command.

sys.skip - skips nlines for the current program and updates the

sleep - pauses for <count> seconds.

sys.sl_settab - - Dynamically change TabFolders

sys.sort_by - allows you to specify the order that

sys.spc_code - returns the internal code associated

sys.split_string - splits a string variable into multiple vars.

sys.stack_fkey - stacks function keys so that the program

sys.stack_input - allows a program to stack input.

sys.start_busy - starts a progress bar on the client.

sys.start_task - starts a CISAM transaction.

sys.stop_busy - stops a progress bar on the client.

sys.stop_tab - stops the tabbing initiated by

strlen - returns the length of an alpha variable.

strmax - returns the maximum alpha of its arguments.

strmin - returns the minimum alpha of its arguments.

tolower - converts any upper case letters in an alpha variable to lower

toupper - converts any lower case letters in an alpha variable to upper

sys.tv_add - adds a new item to a TreeView program.

sys.tv_getsel - returns the index of the currently

sys.unshare_field - stops sharing of one field with other fields

sys.upd_file - updates a rcd on disk.

sys.utf8_charat - returns the utf8 character at <idx> in <utf8str>

sys.utf8_count - returns the number UTF8 characters in <utf8str>

pclname - replaces invalid byte sequences in <utf8str> with <repchar>, or with '?' if

pclname - joins the elements in either a utf8 character array or a unicode codepoint

pclname - splits a UTF8 string into an array of UTF8 characters and/or an array

sys.utf8_tocp - returns the 32bit integer codepoint for the utf8 character starting at byte 0

sys.utf8_verify - verifys that all bytes in <utf8str> are valid and returns 0 if

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